[Psychology] Smart and Stupid


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    [Psychology] Smart and Stupid

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    Have you ever heard, a little story about a laptop that founded by a farmer, then it used as a tray? I read this story from a blog, but I'm kindda forgot the creator's name.

    This story want to teach us, that you must "Put the right people at the right position" - Vice President BlueBird Group. That laptop could do thousands of things. But it's capability hampered by the misapplication.

    I acknowledged myself as this laptop. I don't know why, but until now I can't accept my inabilities, although I do believe in Egalitarianism, hence at the same time I must have capabilities. My self appreciation will slid sharply right after I heard/saw other people capabilities. It will impede my vision, and as the result, I can't see other thing but deep sorrow of my inabilities.

    But likely, at the present time, I can think clearly.. I do believe nobody smart, neither stupid. All we need to do is spend more time and focus on the point. I can't really concentrate on what I'm doing, because I love variety in my work. But as result, I can't be the "winner" in any of my capability.
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