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    About BINARY

    Post  KMozART™ on Thu May 06, 2010 7:45 pm

    Once upon a time, there were two BINUSians from Computer Science Faculty batch 2013 with a dream. They want to create a Student Club for Computer Science in BINUS INTERNATIONAL. Kevin Feryanto, and Lazarus Dominico are the names. Then, 2 months passed since the W'days of BINUSians 2013. Kevin started to work with the name. Then he invented the name BINARY, stands for BINUS INTERNATIONAL Computer Society.

    Unfortunately, Dominico resign from being "the guy" for BINARY. Then, Kevin invites Michael James, one of his classmate that also once has the same dream. Then both of them work together. Day by day passed, the promotion of BINARY keep on going, because first they thought that they have to have at least 20 members to be accepted. Flyers published, banner everywhere, Facebook account opened. And about 30 members reached.

    They also got the support from the Head of School of Computer Science, Mr Raymond Kosala. He granted BINARY with an event that they have organized. It's CSC (Creative-preneurs Show Case).

    Then they started to think that there's something wrong. Then Kevin talked to one of the officials from StuCom, and BINARY committees had meeting with them. Then everything about Student Club explained, BINARY finally become a HMJ (Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan).

    At May, BINARY will present itself to Dean of Student and Student Committee. Hopefully, BINARY will be accepted and finish the probation as soon as possible. And Kevin planned to create a Grand Opening for starting the BINARY's probation with BITMAP, BINUS INTERNATIONA Computer Olympic. With the support from the Head of School, Student Committee, and it's members, he believes that it's not impossible to make it come true...

    Then the real story about BINARY, finally, begins...

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