End of the Holiday and a bit about Spore™


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    End of the Holiday and a bit about Spore™

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    It has been a very long time since I logged in to this "blog" and post stuffs..
    Well, some updates, am "enjoying" my holiday, and retreat from the hectic academic life to KL for two weeks.

    Actually I want to have a continuous blogging, but I haven't got the right time to mod this theme. It's good, but am not satisfied yet.

    Anyway, here's a great great new game, another masterpiece of Maxis.

    Spore is the name.. Well, it's fascinating, it's exhilarating, but unfortunately boring in the last stage. It's a "simple" game about creating a life, from a cell until it become a creature, tribal, civilized, and finally (the most boring and tiring part) the Space stage.

    The Space stage is supposed to be fun, but idk why Maxis let us to do every small details on every planet. I mean, WOW man, we have THOUSANDS of stars with up to six planets in each system. And you want to trouble us to set EVERY state in each planet? And still have to conquer the almighty Grox plus bonus keep a good relation with the other neighborhood stars? You must be kidding me..

    But it's a good game, just like the Sims, there are always excitement of being a God in game and control everything. But to control EVERY SINGLE THING, I can't see any fun of that.
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